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Hot spot: Platypus 
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Platypus is one of the most unique looking games ever created. All of its visuals were created using photographed plasticine (clay). Help the peaceful land of Mungola defend themselves against the attacking hordes of Collosatropolis! 
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WARBLADE - An alien race is invading the earth and you must try to save humanity. That's so simple. Well... maybe not so simple! 
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Popular game downloads
All time
1. Adivina 1.0 (16146)
2. Platypus 1.13 (5219)
3. Live Billiards 2.01 (3200)
4. Spooky Spins 3.03 (2522)
5. Warblade 1.31 (1707)
6. Roleplaying Assistant 7.04 (1415)
7. DBA Online 1.11 (1011)
8. Virtual Woman Millennium Beta Test .95 (994)
9. Battlefleet: Pacific War 1.71 (985)
10. Crypto 4.2 (952)
11. Emergency Operation 1.0 (901)
12. DrawNet (777)
13. Serpengo 1.0 (696)
14. New Star Soccer 3 3.11 (669)
15. In Vivo - King's Knight Demo 1 (592)
16. RPMworld: Virtual Drag Racing 4.6.3 (609)
17. Alien Stars 1.12 (575)
18. Motamo 2.43 (554)
19. Title Bout Championship Boxing 2.0.15 (551)
20. Pyramid Pays Slots / Pokies 5.25 (539)
21. Word Whomp Zapper 1.3 (540)
22. Space General - World War IV (572)
23. Rally Snow 1.0 (512)
24. Hell's Room 1.0 (504)
25. Undercroft 1.1 (491)

This week
1. Motamo 2.43 (10)
2. Roleplaying Assistant 7.04 (7)
3. Virtual Woman Millennium Beta Test .95 (7)
4. ClackBoard 0.2 (6)
5. The Legend of Vraz 1.00.01 (5)
6. Rise of the Machines 1.2 (5)
7. Undercroft 1.1 (4)
8. Euro Truck Simulator 1.3b (4)
9. Multis 6.0 (4)
10. Live Billiards 2.01 (3)
11. Platypus 1.13 (3)
12. IndustryPlayer 6.60 (3)
13. LodeRunner (Pocket Edition) 1.00 (3)
14. GameGain (3)
15. Nostalgia Sim Baseball 6.2 (2)
16. Movie Studio Boss v1.07 (2)
17. Solid Spheres Deluxe 1.5 (2)
18. First Class Flurry 1.0 (2)
19. Brave Crab 1.31.68 (2)
20. Football Rankulator 1.2.7 (2)
21. Brave Dwarves 2 Gold 1.4 (2)
22. ActualCoach 2.32 (2)
23. Battlefleet: Pacific War 1.71 (2)
24. Space General - World War IV (2)
25. Shattera 1.14 (1)

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New games 
Star Defender 3.6 Aug 1, 2015 05:36 New
Game listed under: Arcade and Misc Shooters: PC MS Windows Games
Star Defender is a cosmic game, in which you pilot a spaceship bristling with missiles and a machine gun. Your task is to destroy all enemies in your path, including stationary objects.
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Nostalgia Sim Baseball 6.2 Jul 30, 2015 15:16 New
Game listed under: Sport: PC MS Windows Games
Nostalgia Simulation Baseball is a free baseball simulation game that runs live or custom leagues from your Windows laptop, desktop, or notebook. Manage your franchise from the draft to the league championship.
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E-Motion 1.0 Jul 30, 2015 15:04 New
Game listed under: Puzzles: PC MS Windows Games
E-Motion is a physics based puzzle game. Remove blocks to move shapes that light up to the platform. Some levels require you to change gravity.
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SoftFreeWay Space Glass 1.0 Jul 29, 2015 08:20 New
Game listed under: Puzzles: PC MS Windows Games
Meet! An interesting puzzle game with nice graphics, good music and hardcore gameplay! Colored blocks are constantly falling on the field, and you must click on and destroy them.
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F1 Drive 3.7 Jul 27, 2015 08:32 New
Game listed under: Drive Fly and Sea: PC MS Windows Games
F-1 Drive is a 3D racing game based on Formula 1. The goal is simple, to run the best laps you can. The game has a unique feature that transfers the computer control to study the behavior of bots and then come up with the best tactics of overtaking.
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SoftFreeWay Helexer 1.0 Jul 25, 2015 12:35 New
Game listed under: Arcade and Misc Shooters: PC MS Windows Games
Space scrolling shooter from the company Algames. In 2022 humanity learns that Earth is preparing for the landing of alien forces. Your group "Helexer" is given the task of destroying all the enemy forces.
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Stylist for the stars is finally back. In this sequel you have to prepare 6 new celebrities for their event. a talk show host, a princess, a reality star, a pop star, an athlete and the first lady. Match each celebrity with the right outfit.
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Score Top Honors With Our #1 Seller! Play the 2006 Winner of Pocket PC Magazine's Best Card Game Award today!
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Dragon Mahjong 1.0 Jul 21, 2015 14:56 New
Game listed under: Puzzles: PC MS Windows Games
Dragon Mahjong is a classic game of matching tiles. It is fun and addicting. This is a very classic game that will keep you entertained for hours.
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Cut Fruit Game 1.1.2 Jul 14, 2015 05:53 New
Game listed under: Miscellaneous: PC MS Windows Games
Play free online Cut Fruit Game for kids, girls and everbody.
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Carolines favorite thing about fall, however, is going apple picking with her family. Every year Caroline goes with her family to a nice apple orchard and they pick enough apples to make pies, pastries, and caramel apples on sticks.
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Heavy Shooter 1.0 Jul 3, 2015 05:50 New
Game listed under: Action: PC MS Windows Games
Heavy Shooter is a post apocalypse fps first person shooting game where you are a rogue female assassin and killing is your duty. Shoot it out in four different battle fields; War Zone, Radiation, Crash Site and Quarantine.
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This beautiful game has 2 modes: 1. Classic - Defend your base from scary enemies. 2. Flag mode - Crafty enemies with a swarming type of intelligence conspire to steal your flag. You can't even let them on your base!!
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Lost Place is a great first person shooter. Wander through an abandoned building, wade through the scary undead who only want to tear you apart. The main goal is to find a laboratory from which a virus was released some time ago. Is there a link..
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Anagrams Word Game 1.3.3 Jun 22, 2015 12:16 New
Game listed under: Puzzles: PC MS Windows Games
Anagrams Word Game is a free word game that has to be able to quickly identify words that are indeed found within the scrambled word.
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Inside the Cursed City 1.0 Jun 19, 2015 14:45 New
Game listed under: Puzzles: PC MS Windows Games
Explore the old Cursed City together with Kim and help her to find out what is the reason this town is known as Cursed City. You should know that it is your task to find the hidden items in each scene. If you manage to pass all the levels.
Buy now - Download - More info

Rewind Blaster 1.0 Jun 15, 2015 14:11 New
Game listed under: Action: PC MS Windows Games
Rewind Blaster is a free game in the "twin stick shooter" genre. It has a rewind feature that allows you to rewind the game when you make a mistake and get hit. It is small and has simple graphics, but substantial depth and complexity.
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Create pirate scenes using the stickers and backgrounds from this fifth Sticker Book. There are dozens of scenic backgrounds including beaches and ships to use with the hundreds of pirate and soldier stickers.
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jalada Comrade Stalin is a historical real-time strategy game that follows a rate based economy. While playing, you, in the role of Comrade Stalin, have to turn the Soviet Union into a mayor power and defend it against its enemies.
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Hurry up Bob 1.0 Jun 10, 2015 05:08 New Release
Game listed under: Adventure: PC MS Windows Games
Hurry up Bob is a climbing game, where your goal is to reach as high up as possible to the top. The higher you get the trickier it gets. Be careful where you step, but keep the rising lava in mind. So don’t waste too much time.
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DinerTown Detective Agency Game 3.0 Jun 10, 2015 05:00 New
Game listed under: Adventure: PC MS Windows Games
DinerTown Detective Agency game is 1 of 400 free games you can download at Free Ride Games. DinerTown has fallen into chaos following a recent crime wave! Eager to investigate the unfortunate phenomenon...
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Visual Music Dance Game 1.1.1 Jun 9, 2015 14:35 New
Game listed under: Miscellaneous: PC MS Windows Games
Visual Music Dance Game helps you to train the the flexibility of fingers with music, lighting and various special effects.
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Catalance 1.0 Jun 9, 2015 14:19 New
Game listed under: Puzzles: PC MS Windows Games
Stacking cats was always one of my favorite pastime. Use the Mouse and choose the correct cats to build a construct which holds them all together and reaches the star. That needs skill and logic.
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Classical scroll shooter with the plot, in the form of dialogues between characters. The year is 2500. Earth has recently lost the war for the right to be independent and obeyed the ruler of the planet Alpha 700 - to the cruel Pascal.
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Something strange is happening today in your School. People are acting strange and the creepy music is giving you chills. Is this really your school, is this thriller really happening? The School Thriller is a scary game, happening in your school.
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