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If you are a game developer you can submit your game here for possible inclusion; we will review it and if we think that it is ok we will list it on The main data of the Game must be supplied in the PAD format invented by the Association of Software Professionals. 
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Do not waste your time by submitting to multiple categories: multiple submissions are automatically deleted. 
Enter the name of your affiliate scheme, and the related product code (e.g. "regnow, 7381-1"). 
For free products, please enter the address of your link page where you insert a link to (we provide you a whole free page, please provide us at least one link!). 
Tell us where is the PAD file on your Web site: 
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No adult, casino, spam, no affiliates, no ALL UPPERCASE, no version number or 2005 2006 within title (use the VERSION field), first char must be a Alphabetical A..Z otherwise automatic REJECT. 
Featured helpfile / documentation software 
ROBOAUTHOR is a professional tool for creating your software documentation. The fastest way for creating an hyperlinked help system, as CHM HTML Help, HLP WinHelp or plain HTML for your Website. 
What's the PAD? 
This site works with PAD only. Basically PAD is a text file, nothing complicated. PAD is a fast standard for submitting your game / software to shareware sites. Click here for more info on PAD and for a free PAD-generator software. 
You don't have a PAD file? Click here: you fill a form and we will email you the PAD file. 
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