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All time
1. Crypto 4.2 (971)
2. Serpengo 1.0 (696)
3. Motamo 2.43 (596)
4. Cubis Gold 1.30 (416)
5. Critical Seeker Halloween version 4.1 (308)
6. Hooligans (293)
7. Fashion Cents 1.6.3 (277)
8. Rainbow Web 1.6 (244)
9. Chuzzle 2.0 (240)
10. Puzzle Myth 1.16 (212)
11. BrainsBreaker 4.9.305 (203)
12. BlocKnock 1.3 (189)
13. TEA Crossword Helper 2.5 (168)
14. Just Sudoku 1.0 (161)
15. Atlantis Quest 1.4 (152)
16. Pretty Good MahJongg 2.50 (152)
17. Pharaohs Curse Gold 1.6 (129)
18. Alchemist 1.1 (123)
19. Challenger Tetris 1.1 (116)
20. MJ 6.1 (100)
21. Block Bomber 1.0 (99)
22. Word Emperor 1.03 (95)
23. SuDoku Pro 2.7 (96)
24. MyJongg II 1.0 (90)
25. SudoKoach 2.3 (92)

This week
1. Motamo 2.43 (1)

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New games and upgrades, last 20 new entries

LastEnd Maze: Unsafe Mine 1.2.8 Jul 19, 2017 15:30 New Release
Get past a level before the timer runs out and try to get as many points as you can. Contains 10 levels.
More information...

Slim 4.8 Jul 11, 2017 14:55 New
Hi! My name is Mr. Slim. Where is my breakfast? Where is my coffee with a delicious croissant? Where is my dessert? Would you like to solve block puzzles and get lot of berries? It's very funny! Each maze block puzzle need some experimental ideas. If
More information...

Last Conundrum of Da Vinci Deluxe 1.36 Jun 28, 2017 16:15 New
3D logic/puzzle board game. Complete 67 levels of the ancient mechanical conundrum of the world wide known greatest inventor, scientist and artist Leonardo Da Vinci and discover 8 his greatest masterpieces.
More information...

Crazy Tetris 2.21 Jun 28, 2017 08:29 New
Crazy Tetris is unusual clone of the immortal Tetris game. In this game blocks consist not only from squares, but of triangles also. The object of the game is to maximize your score in placing the falling blocks or triangles into lines.
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Azalea Puzzle Game 1.1.2 Jun 15, 2017 06:04 New
Hungary Puzzle Game is a fun picture puzzle game with three levels of difficulty you can choose from.
More information...

Puzzle Block Legend Classic 1.0.3 Jun 13, 2017 14:07 New
From now on, let's enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle game! Simply download, and fill all the grid. The game interface is very friendly and easy to use for all users of all ages. This is simple, the Legend of Classic game, you just need to put at th
More information...

Equilitris 4.9 May 22, 2017 09:13 New
Have you ever wondered how would it be if the figures falling in Tetris adopted the laws of physics? This game will show you! On top of falling blocks, you see the classic form is as in Tetris.
More information...

Tropical Fish Shop 1.0 May 22, 2017 08:17 New
Annabel is a scuba diver for a coastal tropical fish shop. Follow her story as she discovers and collects a variety of beautiful sea creatures for the shop. If you like diving, then this is your chance to feel like a real diver!
More information...

Nonosweeper 2.1 Apr 20, 2017 09:48 Major Update
Nonosweeper is a cross between the popular Windows game Minesweeper and the hidden-picture logic puzzles known as Nonograms or Griddlers.
More information...

Aquacade 1.2.4 Apr 20, 2017 09:38 Major Update
Get into your submarine and go pearl-fishing in addictive underwater puzzle. You'll meet exotic marine animals and reveal the secrets of seabed while making combos out of colorful pearls. Beautiful oceanic environment, funny power-ups and much more.
More information...

Sakura Day Mahjong 1 Apr 11, 2017 06:05 New
Exquisite oriental music, the scent of a blooming sakura, a cozy interior, a meditative atmosphere, and incredibly exciting mahjong puzzles are waiting for you!
More information...

Harem Games Memory 7.0.2 Apr 8, 2017 06:03 New
Harem Games Memory is a free version of the popular "match the pairs" game. Harem Games Memory objective is simple: to match the pairs of our precious models images which are exactly equal to each other. Try to match all pairs to finish the game.
More information...

Sky Garden 1.0 Apr 8, 2017 06:02 New
Take your mind through a nature inspired puzzle. A clicked tree becomes a river that extends in all four directions on the grid around it, and will block any other river from passing through it, allowing you to carefully protect un-changed trees.
More information...

Build And Balance 1.0 Apr 7, 2017 11:05 New
Free physics balancing game by Build your own construction by simply placing blocks 1 by 1 in such way that the architecture is stable and not unreliable. Absolutely free!
More information...

Cyclanoid 8.3993 Mar 14, 2017 15:56 New Release
This is a set of games and logic puzzles with various board sizes and controls to allow for easy, medium, or high skill levels. You can play offered games and create your own logic puzzles using built-in game builder.
More information...

Tetrix 3.0 Feb 28, 2017 13:40 New
Tetrix is a remake it the best-selling game in the history of Tetris. Unlike the original Tetrix, there are 4 game modes with rising levels of difficulty.
More information...

jalada Hamia Blue Jan 14, 2017 07:16 New
Download this beautiful free next generation 3D puzzle and logic game, perfect for beginners and experts alike. Meet Hamia, the little Eskimo, and accompany him by his journey through fascinating playgrounds full of ice cubes.
More information...

Capitals trivia 1.1 Nov 2, 2016 16:14 New
Capital trivia is a classic trivia game for android. Your aim is to gain the highest score while answering correct answers to the trivia questions. You have 3 failures before the game ends and the time to answer each question is time limited.
More information...

jalada Catalina 1.9.5 Oct 27, 2016 08:44 Major Update
Be prepared to enter the exciting theme worlds of Catalina and let yourself be mesmerized by this unique arcade puzzle game. jalada Catalina is an entertaining blend of a popular matching game and a brain-busting puzzle.
More information...

Halloween Big Eye Mahjong 1.1 Oct 27, 2016 06:01 New
Halloween Eye Mahjong is a Halloween themed Mahjong matching puzzle with an eye shaped layout. The tiles are Halloween themed instead of the typical Chinese icons. You can play in full screen mode or create your own puzzle layouts and play them.
More information...

jalada Dinoban 1.1.2 Sep 22, 2016 12:42 New
Dinoban is an entertaining puzzle game in 3D, especially designed to maintain your mental fitness. In this puzzle game you have to push items onto targets without getting stuck. Learn more at
More information...

Blackjack 1.8 Sep 21, 2016 15:11 New
Game of Blackjack with an online scoreboard. LastEnd Blackjack does not use real money.
More information...

Tower Of Zooma 5.0 Aug 23, 2016 11:34 New
In this colorful 3D game, an analog of the famous "Zuma," you need to match a chain of balls the same color to destroy them and prevent them from reaching the base of the tower.
More information...

RGB Flow 6.8 Aug 10, 2016 14:48 New
An unusual variation of Tetris. You no longer need to arrange cubes rows for their elimination. In this game you need to monitor the flow of water in different colors. Choose the color cube and weave it in the appropriate thread!
More information...

Poppit Show 1.0 Jul 30, 2016 08:54 New
Poppit! is a popular puzzle game with a very simple object - pop groups of two or more balloons of the same color and release hidden prizes. Releasing all the prizes will earn you a jackpot spin.
More information...

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