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Advertising Options
Work in progress... 
Here we use the images from but the layout is very similar (it's specializing in Games, of course) 
Some available options: 
With the [C] option you will rule within your subcategory. This will be show at top in all your subcategory pages (both the ones sorted by name and the ones sorted by date). 
The [D] option is the same for the main category (there are just 10 main categories) 
The spot [1] (top right) is very popular. You will get the same kind of exposure with the spot [8 +10]. 
This is the page for each software program: 
This is the download page for each software program: 
You don't need an image for the spot [A] (Hot Spot): just go to the home page in order to see it! 
With the [B] spot you are included in the "Featured" list on the home page, just below the Hot Spot. If you are a good client, when your time elapse you are moved in the secondary "Featured" page so you will have some additional advertising for free. 
Then we have this popular spot: 
And of course we have the spot [5,9] for the search pages and search result pages (the search page is the most visited page of the website). 
If you do require special features we can deal. 
Advertising works: we know this from download and affiliate sales figures. 
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Need more info about advertising? Just ask us before purchasing.  
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